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Two things the people in our Benelux team share while they come from so many different backgrounds.

Many of them have worked in travel before switching to the IT side. Hotels, bus services, travel agencies, sales, airlines… you name it: they know the world of travel from the inside.

They’re crazy about travelling. And if you look at all the people who have featured on our blog so far, they have been to some amazing places.

From solemn beaches to dangerous national parks

So, to share our passion for discovering the world by travelling: here’s a round-up of our favourite destinations so far – part one.

Favourite travel destination, JimJim Falls, Kakadu NP Australie. by Hubert van Velden, Account Manager Online & Leisure Travel Amadeus Benelux, JimJim Falls, Kakadu NP Australia

Australia, Kakadu National Park
“Not exactly the most friendly environment for human beings, is it? But Australians are so welcoming, the quality of life is very impressive, and they’ve made it into a fine place to live. Fascinating.”
Hubert Van Velden, Account Manager Online & Leisure Travel

“In the desert, at night, camping. The sky, full of falling stars, was truly unique. A lot of my wishes came true, then.”
Jerôme Haemers, Unit Manager Customer Care

“We can really learn from the Greeks; how to make the best of every day, and not lose track of the things that really matter.”
Inge Van Dooren, Sales Manager Corporate IT

“So rich in contrast, so old and so new at the same time. And the people live very consciously there, despite their hectic lives. Impressive.”
Stephanie Brouwers, Product Manager

Italy, Tuscany
Once you have seen the light there, you’re in love with it. It’s like a painting, really. There are no words for it.”
Catherine Dubois, Marketing Communications Executive

Thailand, Phu Noi Pranburi
“It’s one of those places where you can still truly enjoy nature. No public transport, quiet – just a beautiful bay that radiates tranquillity and peace. It’s truly breath-taking.”
Sunisa Gijsen, Finance & Administration Executive, Amadeus Benelux

Sunisa Gijsen Finance & Administration Executive Amadeus Benelux

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