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We all have incredibly different backgrounds at Amadeus Benelux, but we all share a passion for travel. So here’s a second round-up of our favourite destinations so far.

From very hot to incredibly cold

Tanzania, safari
“Tanzania’s nature is more authentic, it’s rougher, harder – more real in a way. And I speak Swahili, so it’s easier to meet people. It’s where I learned to keep smiling, and to be content with what I have.”
Dominique Deprins, Training & Support

Amazon forest by Janete Ripardo-Bruinsma Account Manager Amadeus Benelux

Brazil, deep Amazon jungle
“Talking about a real adventure. Truly my most amazing travel experience. And meeting indigenous people too, seeing how they live in balance with nature. Just because it is so very different. It’s a totally different world from ours.”
Janete Ripardo-Bruinsma, Account Manager

maria martinez castilla y leon spain helpdesk amadeus benelux

Castilla y Léon, Spain
“That’s Northern Spain. I find a lot of peace in going to my home village. It’s a very small one, in the county of Castilla y Léon. It’s where my parents lived.”
Maria Martinez, Customer Services Executive

South Africa
“Probably the most beautiful country in the world. Nature there is simply breathtaking, and my wife and I love safari. There’s really no place like it. You can travel 200 km and see 7 different biotopes. Add the people, who are so very relaxed, and the wines – and you’ve got a winning combination.”
Marco Kremer, Key Account Manager

Christine VandenWinckel marketing director amadeus benelux holiday finland lapland

“Husky sledding. A truly incredible experience. Absolutely breath-taking, and not just because of the cold. Every now and then, I need to get away from my hectic life here, and the combination of silence, unspoiled nature and space really works for me.”
Christine Van den Winckel, Marketing Director

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