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From your seat on the HR side of Amadeus Benelux, what makes for a typical colleague?

The people that match with us all share a sense of curiosity and openness. We all have very different backgrounds, and all those cultures meet here, every day. What I noticed during my first weeks here, is how everyone is patient, and you can ask anyone a question: they’ll make time for you. We’re genuine team players.

As travellers, I guess they are the kind of traveller who shape their own adventure, so to say. They’ll do their own research and planning, and really look for those off the beaten track experiences.

What kind of traveller are you?

I don’t mind enjoying a package and spending some time at the poolside, while everything is taken care of for me. (laughs)  But I’m a backpacker, really. Which I still am today, but with some added comfort, like a hotel and a pool once in a while.

This year, I’m heading for Cambodja, but I fell in love with South America, really. Brazil, to be more exact. That was my first huge journey, and that made a lasting impression. I could go back every year, but, luckily, Janete brings some of the Brazilian spirit to work. (smiles)

Just look at my picture, the space, nature – breathtaking. I’d love to see Paraguay too, and Canada. Probably for the same reason.


How much space do you have in your work?

You know, I’m still getting familiar with what Amadeus does. It’s such a large portfolio, so many different products. Unlike my colleagues, I don’t come from a professional travelling background, so this is all new to me. Though I did know Amadeus before I started here, the inside is something quite different.

I’ve been here for more than a year now, and my days are quite full. I can’t say I have a typical schedule, it really depends. It could be more recruitment, or a focus on admin. It’s quite varied.

What is your biggest professional challenge in all this?

Catching up with everything Amadeus does, getting to really know the tools. And finding my way around the legal aspect of HR, that is quite a complex matter too. And then there’s our new intranet I am working on with my colleagues, which is something I’m proud of. It’s not ready yet, but when it is, I think it’ll make our lives a lot easier here.

Sounds like quite the journey. How do you keep up?

Can I say this here? I get a lot of support from my manager. She’s an amazing person. She’s very inspiring, and she applies her experience in a way I can learn from it. Like I said earlier, she’ll always make time for me. I’m very grateful for that.

Is there something you’d wish for in the world of travel?

If travel could be made even more easier, less stressful than it is today, that would be fantastic. Who knows, in the distant future, getting there with a swipe… Then again, VR makes that almost possible, doesn’t it?

So who’s next in this seat?

I’d like to hear from Ana Dias è Seixas.


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