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Wait, what’s Fintech?

Financial technology. In other words: companies using technology to make financial transactions go smoother. And Fintech is very hot right now. Over the last 5 years more than 40 billion dollars was invested in financial technology start-ups. Why? Because they make our lives easier.

Amadeus B2B Wallet

And now Fintech has reached the travel industry. Amadeus has partnered with MasterCard and Ixaris to launch its recently announced B2B Wallet. MasterCard offers extensive payment acceptance and security around the globe, while Ixaris ensures efficient virtual card management.

As a travel agent you’ll be able to easily manage funds on your virtual payment cards.

“Virtual card technology is ideal for the travel industry”

“By combining the strengths of Amadeus, MasterCard and Ixaris, we bring flexibility, efficiency and confidence to travel agent B2B payments.” remarked Celia Pereiro, Amadeus Head of Travel Payments. “Since we launched the product in February we have seen overwhelming demand for it and today have customers in 10 European countries.”

Travel payments in B2B explained

Do you want to learn why travel agencies are looking for alternatives? Learn about the travel industry’s unique payment structure in our this infographic.

Click on it to open a larger version in a new tab or window


Interested in B2B Wallet for your travel payments?


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