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Ana, why did you choose to work in travel?

It all happened by chance, honestly. I moved to the Netherlands in 1990, when I was still working in the automotive industry. But when that company moved to France, I decided to stay here and look for a new challenge.

That’s when the travel industry and I crossed paths. Just at the right time. I didn’t know it yet, but it must have been my destiny. (laughs)

So when you started at Amadeus it felt right from the get-go?

Absolutely. When I came over to Amadeus in 2013, I had already gathered plenty of experience in the air & rail travel industry. It was kind of funny, actually, because I had been in contact with Amadeus for years at that point. I had even closed a Strategic Partnership deal with Amadeus IT Group when I was working for IATA.

What does a typical day in the life of Ana Dias e Seixas look like?

Very structured, actually. My agenda does allow room for ad hoc meetings, projects. I am not a control freak but need structure and planning. I think that’s the most rewarding thing about working in the travel industry: meeting new people from all over the world and be open to listen and learn every day.

Is there one international experience that stands out for you?

I’m glad you asked, because the Eyjafjallajökull almost ruined one of my conferences! One of the most exciting and scary things I have ever done professionally was organizing a conference for more than 200 journalists in India.

No big deal right? But then that volcano in Iceland erupted. I did not know whether I could leave Europe to attend my own conference. And when I reached India, I did not know how or when I would be able to come back. Luckily, it all worked out and we had an excellent conference.

Do you also like to travel on your own time?

Of course! If there’s sun, sea and a beach: sign me up. That’s why my family and I would love to visit Vietnam next. But we’re waiting for the kids to grow a little bit older, so they can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

What’s your dream for the world of travel?

Personally, I still see a wide number of opportunities to simplify the customer journey. Amadeus plays a significant role in this ecosystem and we are handling the different challenges to prepare the industry for the changing market and consumer increasing needs. I mean, content, personalisation or virtual travel, just to name a few…

Who’s next in this seat?

I’ll make room for Jolanda Scholten, Sales Engineer Corporate IT.

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Ana Dias e Seixas

Marketing Manager

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