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The acquisition of Pyton is helping Amadeus bring customers back to the organized travel market. How that’s going, you ask?

Upgrading the Amadeus Portal

When Amadeus Benelux acquired Pyton, Luc Pannecoeck underscored the growing importance of fast online booking and dynamic leisure packages. Today, we interview him and Peter Boneschansker, General Manager of Pyton, to find out if the acquisition changed Amadeus, how travel agents can benefit and what the future has in store for Pyton.

Did the Pyton acquisition impact Amadeus?

Pannecoeck: “Of course it did. The Pyton Flight Portal is being upgraded as we speak. Pyton’s 80 low-cost airlines are being merged with the more traditional selection of Amadeus.”

How can travel agents benefit from the integration?

“First off, In the travel industry, we differentiate between package tours and dynamic packages,” explains Boneschansker. “Traditional package tours are compiled by a tour operator. Dynamic packages, on the other hand, are subject to choices and changes, as the name suggest. On our new platform, travel agents will be able to compare and book both types in one place. Just like the customer already does at home.”

“This way we can bring the customer back to the organized travel market. Every travel agency wants more flexibility and is looking for the best and the cheapest deals. It’s how they can provide the customers with the choices they desire. When the integration is complete, travel agents will be able to offer a much wider range of travel content.”

Pedal to the metal

The challenges facing the travel industry are complex and manifold. Particularly, faster reaction times are becoming Amadeus’ #1 objective. Pyton’s recent innovations could be a huge help in this regard. Jérôme Haemers, as from the 1st of September, joined Pyton as Operations Manager to assist the integration process:

“I am delighted to join Pyton and further develop the operational support. Pyton’s strong position in the market means we are well placed to turn new ideas into great products and services for the customers.”

Can’t wait until the new Amadeus platform is ready?

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