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Well within the first month of Q4 of 2016, we can safely say what the year looked like for corporate travel. The links below dive into quite a lot of different trends, but traveller safety and cost seem to rule. And, really, that is no surprise, looking at the world today.

Evacuating business travellers

Skift refers to a GBTA survey taken from 67 travel managers in the U.S. and Canada. Medical and security services are top of mind.

Evacuation of Business Travelers in Trouble Is a Top Priority for Employers

US still main business travel destination

Hotels and airfare costs rise, this article states. And the US is still the main business travel destination. And though sharing services are on the rise, hotels are still the corporate travellers’ favourite.

5 Corporate Travel Trends For Procurement to Watch

The state of corporate travel

Once again referring to the GBTA, but in an interview this time, this piece is nice to read, and mentions a lot of trends, from the rise of business travel in China to the use of technology, duty of care and ‘bleisure’ travel. This read is a bit longer, but well worth your time.

What’s Driving the Latest Business Travel Trends?

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