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Travel safety and travel cost recently emerged as the 2 top travel trends of 2016. And since you can locate, communicate and assist travellers with Amadeus Mobile Messenger, the former should bother you no longer.

For you to take that next step, however, you need to be saving money too.

T&E in the EU

A recent whitepaper by Amadeus, polled more than 590 European companies on Travel & Expense management. The good news? More money for corporate travel is steadily becoming available. The bad? 83% of companies still consider travel a cost and are looking for ways to conserve funds. Finally, almost half claim that they cannot possibly cut direct costs further. Inge Van Dooren, manager Corporate IT, has a different look on things:

Cutting corporate travel costs the easy way

Save time & money by booking cheaper travel arrangements and automating expense management. Easier said than done, right? Not anymore, Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense combines and integrates T&E management in one single tool that allows you to control costs. How?

  • efficient policy compliance
  • optimised travel purchase
  • increased online adoption
  • seamless end-to-end integration

Amadeus integrated these features into Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense to ensure bottom line direct and indirect savings. Do you need even more information to convince your CFO, Purchasing manager or IT department?

Take a look for yourself or show them this summary.

Manage travel expenses on mobile

Still not convinced? Educate yourself on the benefits for business travellers themselves. No more pockets full of receipts; just upload pictures of them in the Amadeus cytric Mobile Companion. What about the Accounting department? Not a problem, Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense is fully compatible with existing ERP systems.

And you, the Travel manager, can easily keep oversight. Just the way it’s supposed to be.

Local expertise in our Benelux team

The Amadeus Corporate IT Benelux team. From left to right: Jolanda Scholten, Inge Van Dooren, Ceyhan Dulkadir and Antje Osterloh


amadeus-2015-European-business-travel-expense-analysis-reportKnow where you stand

Find out how you compare to the benchmark competition
Download our business travel & expense report 





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