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Research into future travellers helps professionals around the world and you in the Benelux improve and segment services. In our latest 2030 report, we look beyond air travel and focus on hospitality, alternative modes of travel and, of course, your role as a travel professional.

Futurology grounded in reality

Understanding the traveller of tomorrow helps travel professionals build a more rewarding customer journey and shape the future of luxury travel. Key takeaways? Differentiate between types of travellers and tailor your services accordingly.

In the third instalment of the Future Traveller Tribes of 2030 series, renowned travel journalist Martin Cowen goes beyond air travel and investigates how the 6 Traveller Tribes  of 2030 will likely redefine airports, hotels, tour operators, business travel, rail providers and travel agents.

Wait, Traveller Tribes of 2030?

Not yet familiar with Amadeus’ in-depth analysis of segmentation and personalization in the travel industry? Take it all in at a glance or find out which tribe you belong to.

What it means for you

Don’t worry, it wouldn’t be an Amadeus product if we didn’t focus on the practical implications for you. Read the report and find out:

  • How each tribe reacts to different environments
  • How to optimally customize your solutions
  • How your esteemed colleagues accommodate different tribes


future-traveller-tribes-2030-beyond-air-travelDownload your copy of
‘Beyond Air Travel in 2030’

Download and read the full report here
.pdf, 5,1 MB – opens in new tab as .pdf



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