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The abundance of slick and convenient mobile apps has created the illusion that it’s easy for business travellers to take care of T&E management on the road. That’s why most corporate travel managers have already taken steps to incorporate mobile considerations into their overall strategy. Still, there is much more work to be done.

Survey says…

BTN’s 2016 Expense Manager Survey revealed that mobile receipt imaging, mobile expense reporting and mobile expense approvals are at the top of business travellers’ wish lists. As a result, CFO’s are taking action. 26% of expense managers plan to update their T&E system, while a 22% are already implementing new ones.

Companies Are Trying to Keep Up with Consumer Tech by Upgrading T&E Tools (EN)

Standing still = falling behind

Nearly 70% of corporate travel managers indicate that their travel policies do not include a mobile strategy. 45% claim that their companies are planning to adopt such a strategy in the next two years. But is it too late? Has the travel industry fallen behind? In any case, the time to start creating an overarching mobile strategy is now.

Corporate Travel Companies Still Trying to Figure Out Mobile Tools (EN)

Start strategizing mobile

The rise of mobile travel has created new needs for corporate travellers. A solid mobile strategy can help you turn those needs into golden business opportunities. To help you lay a solid strategic foundation, Tnooz and MTT have cooperated to devise The Evolution of Mobile framework.

Introducing a strategic framework for the evolution of mobile travel (EN)

Do you want to take corporate travel mobile?


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