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How can travel managers communicate more effectively with business travellers? Today’s knowledge-based society demands full disclosure. And business travellers are no different. Luckily, recent research shows that solutions are widely available:

  • write a clearer travel policy
  • discuss it face-to-face with stakeholders
  • set up mobile location tracking

Bridge the communicative gap

Forget costs, flexibility or social media: corporate travel policies are influencer #1 for employees choosing travel arrangements. When they’re properly informed, that is. A recent study by the GBTA shows that there is a communication gap between travellers and travel managers. But what can you do about it?

There’s a Communication Gap Between Business Travellers and Employers (EN)

Broadcast your travel policy

An overarching travel communication strategy is key to implementing and enforcing a successful travel policy. In order to establish transparent procedures, your organizational goals need to be 100% clear. This article summarises the advice of industry experts on how to construct such a strategy. Spoiler alert: don’t forget about mobile.

Why communicating your travel policy is essential to its success (EN)

Duty-free tracking

Each year, more and more corporate travellers fly across the world. As a result, travel managers struggle to guarantee the most important aspect: safety. But how can you provide sufficient duty of care when you don’t know where your travellers are? Location tracking tools have quickly become a sheer necessity.

Emergency communication in the modern age (EN)

Start communicating better

Locate, assist and talk to your travellers. Anywhere.
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Cut costs & improve your travellers’ safety
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