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Amadeus General Manager Luc Pannecoeck is confident that Amadeus can capitalize on the LCC boom and offer travel agents a larger variety than ever before: “Most low-cost carriers join when they understand that we can help them reach target audiences that they could never before. Think MICE and a large part of the corporate travel industry.”

Q&A with our GM

How does Amadeus offer LCCs a better reach?
Luc Pannecoeck: “We launched Amadeus Light Ticketing in 2013: a cutting-edge system for airlines that didn’t have access to the classical distribution channels. Finally, LCCs could integrate their inventory into Amadeus. In one stroke, airline distribution became a whole lot easier.”

How did Amadeus prepare for the rise of LCCs?
Luc Pannecoeck: “The acquisition of Pyton Technology certainly was a step in the right direction. The expertise that they brought along has helped us tremendously. Pyton Technology has a great track record in the development of LCC-content. Now, we’re working on a few innovative solutions to take advantage of their expertise.”

10 reasons to book LCCs in Amadeus

We don’t have to tell you that the world of travel has changed drastically in recent years. As a result, Amadeus had to adjust its LCC framework. So, we did. Successfully. 10 reasons why you should book LCC flights with Amadeus:

  1. Lightening speed
    5x faster than direct channels and 2x faster than aggregators
  1. Make it count
    An extra €3 in your pocket per round trip and €6 for rebooking and changes
  1. From the heart
    All bookings are immediately integrated into your mid and back office. That means automated billing and access to data
  1. Crystal clear
    Visibility is key for LCC bookings. That is why we show all; including tax, fees, and changes
  1. Perfect match
    Results match your clients’ profile and preferences
  1. All-in-one
    More than 90 LCCs on one screen. Cheap and suitable solutions at your fingertips
  1. Bigger gains
    8 of the world’s 10 largest LCCs, integrated into one platform
  1. Pitch Perfect
    A dynamic catalogue of ancillary services so you can monitor extra luggage, seat selection, WiFi and meals
  1. Pick & mix
    The best of both worlds: long haul flights with more than 65 guaranteed connections between full service and low-cost carriers
  1. Priority status
    Access exclusive price lists and discover the special Amadeus discounts

Look ahead

Booking low-cost and hybrid carriers through Amadeus Light Ticketing is up to 5 times faster than airline websites and over 8 minutes quicker than via any other channel. More information? Watch our mini movie on the benefits of Light Ticketing (0 min 34 MP4 | 5,8 MB).

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