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Direct bookings are here to stay – that much is clear. But what are the concrete consequences? And, more importantly, how can you adjust your policy to regain control, while maintaining your two core responsibilities: traveller safety and financial reporting.

Dangerous lack of visibility

73% of travel managers feel they are unable to locate travellers who have booked directly in times of crisis. The disastrous implications for duty of care are pushing more and more companies towards technological tools that help travellers share their location in real-time. Travel professional Monica Sanchez argues that expanding the scope of your travel policy might help bring direct booking back into the fold.

Travel Professionals Accept Direct Booking is Here to Stay, Work to Gain Visibility into Cost Savings and Risk Management (EN)

Avoid unchecked cheques

Correct financial reporting is at the core of a travel manager’s duties. Complicating things, according to this article, are hotels that incentivize corporate travellers to use direct booking with loyalty programs. Consequently, travel managers can no longer rely on complete data and lose leverage in vital negotiations.

Direct Booking Pushes Are Causing Complications for Travel Managers (EN)

Take back control

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