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1. A bottom-up overhaul of our Amadeus Selling Platform

A bottom-up overhaul of our Amadeus Selling Platform

If there’s one thing you might have picked up on this blog, it’s that travel professionals have to keep adapting in order to compete. Naturally, that means Amadeus has to, too. Take, for instance, our bottom-up overhaul of the Amadeus Selling Platform. The top post of 2016 accurately surmises the most fundamental changes – glance over our comprehensive infographic or dive head-first into the tool itself.


2. Luxury travellers of tomorrow

Luxury travellers of tomorrow

The most popular instalment of our Traveller Tribes 2030 series considers the booming niche of luxury travel. Get to know our 6 luxury traveller tribes and determine how you can best cater to each tribe. Afterwards, find out which one you belong to with a fun little quiz. Finally, don’t forget to download the free 31-page report to become the luxury travel agent of choice.


3. How advanced T&E management cuts costs

How advanced T&E management cuts costs

Travel managers need to be on top of traveller safety while limiting expenses at the same time. Hard, right? Not anymore. Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense helps you save time and money by booking cheaper travel arrangements and automating expense management. Convince your CFO, Purchasing Manager or IT department with our all-encompassing, and third-most read, post of 2016.


4. In the seat next to you: Carol George, HR generalist


The person you sat next to most often in 2016? Our highly-esteemed colleague from HR: Carol George. Relive our memorable interview with Carol, and ask her about her Cambodian adventure.


5. How it works: Antipodes Voyages’ travel app knows no boundaries

How it works: Antipodes Voyages’ travel app knows no boundaries

Number 5 of 2016? 5 key insights into the Antipodes Voyages case. Or how a medium-sized travel boutique tour operator successfully capitalized on the digital transformation of the travel sector. At the core of their success lies the interactive and personalized myANTIPODES travel app. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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