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Do you run a large- or small-sized travel agency? No matter, all you have to know is that in 2016, conversion rates have grown 88% on mobile travel sites. So to survive, you need to optimize your business’ mobile presence. But where to start?

The power of mobile? Convenience

“The best travel agents are looking to complement the physical travel experience with mobile data to give travellers the information they need, when they need it.” – a wake-up call for travel agents who are still on the fence about going mobile. Need even more reasons to start your business’ mobile transformation? How about fifteen of them?

15 Mind-Blowing Stats About How Mobile Is Reshaping Travel (EN)

Desktop vs. mobile: separate but not equal

Google has announced that it will separate desktop and mobile results – with the latter functioning as the primary index. The implications for SEO-experts are countless, but more importantly: what does it mean for travel agents? This article provides practical tips for a more mobile-friendly experience. In short? Faster, richer and cleaner.

What Google’s new, separate mobile search index implies for travel (EN)

Evolve, Expand, or Expire?

How do today’s travel agents prepare for the future? Our report considers four different scenarios – one of which is named: The rise of more sophisticated Mobile Travel Retailers. No time to read the free 16-page report? No worries, take a look at our summarising infographic (direct download link | 1.23 MB).

How every travel agent can go mobile

Sure, the potential of mobile is huge – but your own app is too expensive, right?

Not anymore. Mobile Traveller by Amadeus lets you connect to your customers how you want. And how they want – on their mobile devices, 24/7.

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    The app is now available on iOS and Android
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