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featuring Greet Pieters | Customer Care Executive, Amadeus Benelux
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Nice to meet you, Greet. We’ve heard you know our clients better than anyone.

It’s true, I work for the Customer Care Team, formerly known as the helpdesk. That means we have a direct line to our end-users. We always try to solve issues ourselves, and that requires close cooperation. I’m quite sure that our team talks the most of all departments.

Do you enjoy communicating directly with end-users?

Absolutely! Before I started here, I worked all over the travel industry: hotels, airlines, but also two large travel agencies. So, I know what it means to be in their shoes. And that helps me, help them. Sure, it was comfortable working there. But I wanted to learn more, so I applied at Amadeus.

In other words: travel is in your blood?

It really is. Once you get immersed in the industry, you never want to leave again. It’s the same with travelling yourself. Every country has something beautiful to offer. Years ago, I won a couple of tickets to Australia–unforgettable nature and people.

Is Australia your favourite travel destination?

It’s in my top ten, but my most exciting trip yet was definitely Yemen. Backpack? Check. Map? Check. Lonely Planet? Check. And off we went, a hundred years back in time. One of our first hotels had a sign that said: “Please leave your guns at the reception.” (laughs)

Other countries that you would like to visit?

I have a few destinations in mind, such as Tibet, Iran, Vietnam and Cambodia. I’ve heard fantastic things about Iran and I want to discover one of the world’s oldest civilizations Besides, I would not mind wearing a headscarf—it’s way of showing respect towards the people.

Didn’t you have to do that in Yemen?

Not really. Although, on the first day a few kids threw rocks at me because my pants were too tight. (laughs) Most times we were under the protection of the military, however. The contrasts in that country are just stunning. One time we forgot our tent and slept on an idyllic beach, under the stars. Amazing. But when we woke up, we noticed a group of soldiers only a few meters behind us—standing guard.

Some incidents in life change the way you look at the world. I was never selfish, but personal experiences have taught me to be humble, enjoy the small things in life and be grateful for friends and family. Happiness must come from within.

I try to adhere to the same philosophy at work: we have to help each other. Always. Because you can accomplish more as a team. On a large scale too, as a company. But don’t get me wrong, I still get upset when things don’t go my way. The difference is: now I know that tomorrow is another day and every issue will be solved, eventually.

An inspiring perspective, thank you. Who would you like to sit next to, next time?

Delphine Emond! I’ve known her a while, but I’m just now getting to really know her. She’s so enthusiastic and genuine–when she tells a story, it’s straight from the heart. I love people like that.

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Greet Pieters

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