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Amadeus’ story starts in Spain in 1987. Since its foundation, Amadeus has been working with clients and partners towards a more connected travel industry. You can see what 30 years of innovation, collaboration & better journeys looks like in our latest video:

3 decades in 6 key moments

Shaping the future, yes. But history matters too. Today’s grand challenges – safety, sustainability, etc. – require fast learning from past experiences. In order to move forward, then, it is crucial to study our own heritage.

  1. 1987 – The birth of Amadeus
    Air France, Iberia, Lufthansa and SAS agree to create a new global distribution system on Wednesday 21 October 1987. The HQ of the organization is set-up in Madrid, Spain.
  1. 1994 – Austrian Airlines is #100
    Over 100,000 travel agencies and airline sales office terminals are connected. Austrian Airlines becomes the 100th carrier to use Amadeus Access connectivity.
  1. 1999 – Amadeus goes public
    Amadeus announces an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in October and enters the IBEX-35 in December.
  1. 2006 – Amadeus goes IT
    Amadeus officially changes its name to Amadeus IT Group and signs a technology partnership with Eurostar.
  1. 2015 – blog for Benelux travel professionals
    Our dedicated blog for travel professionals is launched. Our first short trip ever was published on January 2.
  1. 2017 – 30 years flew by
    Amadeus celebrates its 30th anniversary around the world. Congratulations!

Amadeus today – in numbers

70 local Amadeus entities serve more than 190 countries around the world. That means a peak of 55,000 transactions per second. No surprise, then, that Amadeus is the single largest distributor of leisure packages in the world. And we don’t shy away from that responsibility. In 2015, 113 social responsibility projects were completed in 50 countries. Each year we try to do better.

Did you know that you can help us monitor progress towards a sustainable travel industry?

Shaping the future of travel

More than anything, Amadeus’ 30th anniversary is an opportunity to look ahead. What will the future of travel bring? And how can we continue to facilitate progress? Our Chief Branding & Digital Marketing Officer Jussi Wacklin sets a clear goal:

“Today, we believe the possibilities for travel are even more limitless. We’re working with open source software, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual and augmented reality to create more personalised customer experiences.”

Our shared ambition to sustain excellence and empower innovation is what has made Amadeus the beating heart of the travel industry for 30 years. On to the next thirty!

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