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Do you prefer to call or text? Every month, more than 350 billion text messages are sent around the world. Even hotels enable guests to message the front desk, or the concierge, with specific requests. As a result, the engagement between guests and hotel staff increases – which results in a higher overall satisfaction. In other words, a classic win-win.

And that is just one of the many technological novelties in the Hotel of the Future. Welcome!

The Interactive Grand Tour

More than ever, hotels are concerned with their guests. Novelties such as floor sensors, smart mirrors, and robot butlers, indeed, contribute to a flawless guest experience. But that’s not what the Hotel of the Future is all about. Stephen Jennings, U.S. leader of hospitality for Deloitte, explains:

“You can think of the hotel as a platform. It’s a venue to so many other things and that brings the community into the hotel. The walls are being more porous for crafting really differentiated travel experiences, independent of brands.”

The 5 faces of the future

No, this is not a short trip. Nevertheless we wanted to share the interesting analytic piece by Deloitte on the different types of hotels of tomorrow. A short overview:

  1. Curator
    Integrating all kinds of services in one hotel, the Curator counts on external partners to deliver any experience the guest desires.
  2. Matchmaker
    Building personal connections between the hotel and the guest, the Matchmaker builds a network of guests that attracts business.
  3. Neighbor
    Expanding the hotel into the community, the Neighbor is a portal to the local culture and an active participant in the community.
  4. Architect
    Maximizing space and resources, the Architect uses multi-purpose spaces within and outside the hotel to offer a completely new level of flexibility.
  5. Choreographer
    Focusing on everything but physical space, the Choreographer integrates services and businesses to deliver a seamless experience for the business traveler.

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