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When global trends emerge, the travel industry doesn’t lag behind. Nor should it. Especially when those trends have a positive impact. To many, automation is a benevolent force that boosts productivity and saves costs.

Amadeus agrees wholeheartedly – at least, if you adhere to our 3 rules of automation in corporate travel.

Rule 1: Make your business travellers the top priority

Business travel is particularly well-suited for automation purposes. Why? Thanks to its high frequency and ultimate predictability, big data and AI combine to offer a uniquely personalized, consumer-centric booking experience. Do you want to join in? Then it’s time to leave those legacy issues behind and truly address you travellers’ needs.

Automation is Poised to Further Disrupt Business Travel (EN)

Rule 2: Implement a global automation strategy

Automation in business travel is nothing new. Still there are processes that could benefit from a more universal approach. Country-specific tools, for instance, hinder global standardization. The solution according to GTMC? “Businesses need to consider what they are missing out in the world of fare content, and how they can standardize their systems at a global level with more control and ownership.”

Automation in Business Travel: What’s Amiss? (EN)

Rule 3: Automate travel and expense management

What if you could automate T&E and reduce costs at the same time? Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense helps you manage entire travel programs in one platform: from trip planning, to booking, accounting, and reimbursement. And it cuts costs too. How?

  • efficient policy compliance
  • optimised travel purchase
  • increased online adoption
  • seamless end-to-end integration

More on Travel & Expense management? Find out how Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense can help you reduce direct & indirect travel costs.

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