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May 2017 – Amadeus has launched its new Amadeus Service Hub in the Benelux. A one-stop service shop you can connect to anytime, anywhere. Based on client surveys and new technologies, Amadeus designed a new portal, developed new functionalities and forged new connections to all your favourite Amadeus solutions.

Global effort, local impact

What do all these changes mean for Benelux clients, in particular? We talked to Amadeus Benelux, Valérie Meyer, Customer Service Executive and Filipe Vaz, Unit Manager Customer Care to provide you with answers.

Valérie Meyer Amadeus Service Hub in the Benelux

Filipe Vaz Amadeus Service Hub in the Benelux






Valérie Meyer (Customer Service Executive) & Filipe Vaz (Unit Manager Customer Care)

What are the main differences between Amadeus Service Hub and its predecessor?

Filipe: “Amadeus Service Hub is much more customer-oriented. That customer-centric philosophy has translated into a new look and feel, a brand-new user interface, a better search-function and a completely customizable environment.”

“Thanks to the enhanced search capabilities and a shared knowledge base, our customers can now quickly find the information they are looking for. Relevant widgets filter searches based on article type, area,… Does an urgent problem arise? You can still contact us directly by phone.”

How has the feedback in the Benelux been so far?

Valérie: “Very good! In the first few days, we had to clean up a few minor bugs, but now we’re receiving strictly positive reactions. Mostly on the intuitive design and easy entry-points.”

Filipe: “It’s a clear sign that our philosophy of user-friendliness, intuitive design, community and customization is working.”

Building a community you say, Filipe?

Filipe: “I look at it as a real digital evolution. We have to respond directly to our customers’ needs. The surveys clearly showed that our clients wanted a place where they could freely exchange information with us, and with each other.

How do you make sure the right information ends up in the right place?

Valérie: “It doesn’t take supernatural powers! You have to really listen to your customers. And we’re counting on them to participate, too. In short: a combination of fast entry-points to related information and active participation by our customers.“

What are you most excited about, personally?

Valérie: “Most of our clients use only a fraction of our tools’ capabilities. Providing better training with the click of a button and helping people get the most of our solutions is what makes this platform truly special.”

Filipe: “I think the connectedness makes a huge difference. It’s no longer a one-way street, but a free-flowing conversation. And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.”

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