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Becoming a true travel partner sounds good, but where to begin? Adjusting to your clients’ needs and desires is a logical place to start. But how can you know what your customers really want without carrying out expensive market research or labour-intensive surveys?

We’ve gathered 3 links that demonstrate how you can adjust your agency to better serve your clients, and make sure that they find you on- and offline.

#1 cherish human expertise

TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Yelp, … valued tools that are used by thousands of travellers. Simultaneously, however, awareness of the self-fulfilling nature of these platforms is growing. So how can you help your clients escape the so-called ‘recommendation bubble’? The answer is obvious: position yourself as a superior source of recommendations and reap the powerful rewards of word of mouth.

In 1 quote: “Break through the travel recommendation bubble with a good old-fashioned expert.”

Travel Agents and the Power of Word-of-Mouth Recommendations (EN)

#2 grab the opportunity of a lifetime

Travellers – and consumers in general – increasingly value sustainability and often choose the most responsible partner. Amadeus has already taken that challenge to heart and launched the Global Sustainable Tourism Dashboard. Now it’s time for you to get on board too. Embrace the idea of sustainable travel and expand your offering accordingly.

In 1 quote: “600 socially conscious activities in 67 countries in cooperation with travel agents, tour operators and travel companies that want to sell the experiences.”

Local sensitivities: Embracing sustainable tourism (EN)

#3 offer richer content

Australia’s largest online travel agency Webjet recently published the results of its research on the effects of rich content on clients’ online behaviour. The hypothesis was that consumers would more easily convert after interacting with rich content, and would refuse to abandon their carts. Turns out your clients really want richer content.

In 1 quote: “6% of shoppers interacted with the rich content, resulting in a “statistically significant” 26.3% conversion increase.”

Does rich content increase bookings? Webjet puts it to the test (EN)

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