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featuring Stéphane Grandjean | Project Support Executive, Amadeus Benelux
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Good morning Stéphane! Tell us about your latest organisational feat.

Oh, you’ve heard of it already? Well, every year in summer we try to go on holiday with as much family as possible. The problem is: they live all over the world! From Los Angeles and Virginia to Belgium. You can imagine it takes some planning. Luckily, that’s where I come in!

This year it all worked out. Together with a few other family members, we rented a house with 13 rooms in the South of France. Those were 2 weeks of pure joy and delicious meals. 30 people, 30 cooks – our family just loves making fun and food.

Do you use those organisational skills in your work as well?

Sure I do! As a Project Support Executive, I am responsible for, among other things, the execution of rollouts. From the implementation of specific solutions to managing some smaller projects. That means a lot of support and helpdesk questions end up on my desk. It’s up to me to coordinate and make sure everything gets handled correctly.

Does that mean you don’t go out much?

Administration isn’t really my main strength, so I try to focus the client-side of things. I have a lot of contact with local travel agents, which I would just hate to miss. Helping them adapt to a rapidly changing world is what makes my job fun and challenging.

Is the travel world changing that fast?

Oh, absolutely! I try to keep up with all of our solutions, but you have to choose a specialty to really delve into. My specialty is touchless solutions –  it assists agencies to automate time-consuming tasks and minimize overhead. It’s also highly customizable, so I help our clients tinker until it 100% suits their needs.

Sounds pretty complicated. Do you have experience in IT?

Not really, I’ve always studied tourism. Thanks to my extensive experience, however, I can handle quite a lot on my own. And if it does get too technical, I’m always in contact with our teams from central.

When did you start working at Amadeus Benelux?

Some 15 years ago. Initially I worked for American Express, but when they migrated from Sabre to Amadeus, I followed suit. (laughs) The migration was a pretty huge project, as you can imagine, and at the end, Amadeus Benelux was looking for people to manage their new client. Of course, I knew Amex pretty well, so I was the ideal candidate.

What attracted you to make a career switch?

During those months, I got to know Amadeus Benelux a little bit and what caught my eye was its ambition. The quest for growth. And I’m glad that mind-set hasn’t changed much over the last 15 years. Sure, it has become a little bit more complicated since Amadeus turned into a global player, but at the core, it’s still the same innovative people and ideas. Besides, I like working with people from different cultures.

Final question: do you have a dream for the world of travel?

I’m not sure if it’s really a dream. You know I’m engaged in automation, so I try to keep up with global trends. It kind of worries me that some jobs may go extinct due to automation. I know that, in the end, the goal is to provide people with more meaningful tasks, but, as a society, and as a large corporation, it is our responsibility to carefully consider how we deal with those fundamental changes.

Very true. Thank you Stéphane! Who do you want to see in the next interview?

I would like very much to hear from Stef Rijkers, our Manager Business Development.

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Stéphane Grandjean

Project Support Executive

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