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30 years is just the beginning. That’s how we like to look at it anyway. Since day 1, in October 1987, Amadeus has prided itself in a forward-looking attitude. We’d like to continue that tradition for the foreseeable future. You get a sneak-preview into what that means here.

Defining the travel systems of tomorrow

What does the foreseeable future actually mean in a world that changes at the speed of light? We asked futurist James Woudhuysen to analyze our past predictions and to look forward, along with Amadeus. The result is a 5-part series in which professor Woudhuysen discusses disruptive trends and technologies, personalisation and new opportunities, global travel and the economy and the future of the airline industry. You can enjoy part 1 right here:

A word from our president and CEO

Luis Maroto joined Amadeus in 1999 as Director, Marketing Finance. Since 2011 he has been our President and CEO. On October 20th Luis published a statement on the future of Amadeus. Enjoy a few highlights in bite-size pieces:

You can read Luis Maroto’s complete statement on Amadeus 30th here.

So how about Amadeus Benelux?

Good question! Our Belgium office opened in 1989. The Netherlands and Luxembourg followed suit in 1995 and 2000, respectively.

Over the last few months we’ve focused our interviews on this blog on people with tenured careers at Amadeus Benelux. Because who knows more about a company than the people that actually work there? Let’s explore our heritage together with 5 experienced guides.

  • Annie Desmedt, 26 years
    “The Benelux office still looked very much like a typical medium-sized business. There were four people manning the helpdesk, one accountant, a secretary and a couple of technical specialists. Our General Manager even did the sales himself!”
  • Sabine Leroy, 25 years
    “It’s a completely different Amadeus than the one I started with. How we’ve adapted to the world of travel, how our portfolio has evolved. One thing never changed, though: how well we are being taken care of as employees.”
  • Veva Smismans, 20 years
    “Over the past 20 years, our playing field has changed fundamentally. With that, our focus has widened and our product portfolio has become much more varied and complex. Which means more complex finances too.”
  • Evelyne Brauns, 16 years
    “I am one of the ‘dinos‘ here, you see (laughs), with my 16 years and counting. So I have seen our system change and adapt to the world of travel. And I had to adapt too. We all had. We still do, constantly.”
  • Stéphane Grandjean, 15 years
    Sure, it has become a little bit more complicated since Amadeus turned into a global player, but at the core, it’s still the same innovative people and ideas.”

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