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Sure, saving time is high on (y)our agenda. But don’t forget to delight your customers by offering exceptional convenience. And that’s exactly what Amadeus Airline Ancillary Services does.

Evolve from travel agent to travel partner

In one of our latest #shorttrips, we’ve tried to explain to you how you can evolve from travel agent to travel partner. Because you want to give your customers what they want, and more. The 3 main takeaways from that article?

  1. Cherish human expertise
    Break through the travel recommendation bubble with a good old-fashioned expert.
  2. Grab the opportunity of a lifetime
    Offer 600 socially conscious activities in 67 countries.
  3. Offer richer content
    6% of shoppers interacted with rich content, resulting in a 26.3% conversion increase.

What kind of rich content should you offer?

Rich content can range from parking spots to hotels – but includes airline fares too. Airline fares are one of the most common bookings for travel agents. However, they are often treated as formalities. The in-air experience is an excellent opportunity to delight your customers. And that doesn’t always mean booking the cheapest flights.

Your customers clearly want convenience. Otherwise, they’d just book flights online. So what are the main challenges that you can help your customers with?

  • Pets
  • Seats
  • Bags
  • Meals
  • Air Fares Families

“Can I take my dogs?”

Some airlines allow pets in the cabin. Others have dedicated facilities on board. How do you keep an overview? And how do you book them faster? Consult our list of all the main airlines that allow pets and how you can book them in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect.

“I’d like an aisle-seat”

Specific seating is one of the most common, and most time-consuming, requests for travel agents. In Amadeus Selling Platform Connect you can easily select the right seats thanks to clear visuals. As you can see right here.

“How many bags can I take?”

Again, each airline has their dedicated baggage policy. You can check our overview of which airlines offer which baggage service right here. And you learn how to book them in Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, too.

“I don’t eat chicken”

Meals can cause a lot of stress for travellers. Vegetarian? Lactose intolerant? Allergic? Make sure to provide your customers with the right type of meal and consult our overview of airlines’ food offering in the air.

Airline Fare Families make life easier

The fastest way to manage a vast array of fares? Group them according to services and conditions:

  • Does the fare allows for reimbursement?
  • Does the fare allows for changes?
  • Does the fare incurs a penalty?
  • Are ancillary services included in the fare, not available or available at an extra charge?

Many airlines are already part of the Amadeus Airline Fare Families in the Benelux.

Start using Amadeus Ancillary Services

Do you want to answer all of your customers’ questions in one convenient place?

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