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What’s there to find on mountain sides?

Ah, the feeling of standing on top of it all, and then realising it will all still be there after I’m gone. That gives me an amazing feeling of peace, that magnitude.

So whether it’s in Spain, Germany or the US, I’ll go hiking in mountain ranges. Then again, my stay in Japan was so impressive that I want to return there one day.

Where was your travel picture taken?

The most beautiful mountains I have seen so far, in the Ordessa National Park in the Spanish Pyrenees.

What’s the difference between Amadeus’ side of travel, and that of the traveller?

As a traveller, you tend to take many things for granted. You don’t see the immense complexity of the system that allows you to simply book and go places. Which is good, because it means it works.

But it wasn’t that long ago that we still needed paper to travel, you know. Today, the convenience is stunning, I think.

It’s all about online and mobile today. You can do things faster, and easier too, more personalised, whenever you want. We’ve come a long way. And we’re still evolving.

Does it get even more complex when you work for a travel IT company?

Of course it does. For example: travel guidelines and regulations are outlined in policies. They have to be implemented in the tools used, because they are an essential part of the booking process. Since every company has its own set of policies, this requires a custom approach.

Add to that that, at Amadeus, we aim to offer a complete solution, like we do with Amadeus cytric Travel & Expense. It covers not just the booking process, but also the expenses that come with business travel. So it’s complex, and we often develop additional solutions.

Why do you need to develop add-ons?

Like I said, travel is complex, and consists of lots of different systems. For example, integrating bookings on ships for a company that works with sea men sounds evident, but it’s not. It requires development to make the systems communicate.

That is, to me, our biggest challenge today. Helping the traveller in the best possible way. It requires offering lots of choices, and working with diverse travel content.

At the same time, we should try to offer excellent service at every stage of the journey, from orientation and booking to arriving and returning home.

That sounds like an immense and complex task.

Oh, there’s always a positive side to things, that’s my motto. Even when something bad happens, you’ll discover a good side to it to, you’ll see.

Who can take this seat for our next trip?

I’d like to hear from Johan Vervoort, because he’s so passionate about opera, history and his job. And he’s always supporting us!

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