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Tech should help make us make the shift to a customer-first mindset at every stage of the traveller’s journey. Whether your customer wants to visit landmarks or an authentic off the beaten track place, we should be as ready as we can.

With the first four months of the year almost behind us, it was high time we gathered some of the best articles on travel trends we’ve seen so far for this year.

The digital wave has not come to shore yet

There’s a great series running on the Reiswerk blog, where Steve Van Belleghem sheds his light on the impact of digital on travel. Needless to say, the wave of change is still happening.

In this first part, we learn how automation is key in creating convenience: from bots assisting travellers in making the right choices, and algorithms choosing for us, to apps and websites that stand out with the best interfaces: connectivity, AI and automation are the major drivers.

Covering all needs

On a global scale, we still book iconic landmarks and sites the most, TripAdvisor concludes. Yet, unique and local experiences are on the rise – and very much so. So it’s definitely worth refining a niche offering with a highly authentic travel experience.

And we all know we don’t like waiting, sure, but technology can create new opportunities for skip the line tickets and tours and improve convenience even more.

If that makes you realise that we have become impatient as travellers, and more demanding, then you’re right. As pointed out by Google Insights, we want ‘assistive experiences that are useful, personal, and frictionless’.

Not sure whether that makes us nicer human beings, though.

The bigger picture: travel megatrends

If paid for with your email address, this lengthy Skift report will help you see the bigger picture. And if you have the time, it delivers.

We’ve seen some years of extreme instability, and our industry is still being rocked in many ways. From luxury trends and disrupted destinations to travel services as experience platforms: this is a must-read.

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