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Making the most of our solution

To support the launch of Amadeus Selling Platform Connect, we asked travel agents from around the world to show us their passion for travel and how they put it to work.

After receiving many exciting entries, we are happy to announce that the jury has spoken and we have three winners!

The 3 most passionate travel agents

Uniglobe Robins Travel, based in Belgium, and focused on both business & leisure travel, have successfully achieved their two main objectives over the past twenty years and are now looking to further double their revenue. How? They differentiate themselves by offering a complete package to their travelers through ‘one-stop-shopping’ and providing personal service to all of their customers – getting to know their wishes and even their whims.

Mosafer Travel & Tourism was the first online travel agency in Dubai and has grown widely in the market. Through personal interactions, roadshows, and consistent efforts, they were successful in increasing the traveler’s confidence to go online and to trust them for his journey. What is their foundation? They ensure the complete customer experience from search to payment. With the help of technology, they give the traveler full freedom to choose what they want.

Selectour Bleu Voyages, based in France and mainly positioned towards business travel, has grown from a family business to an extended big family with over 275 employees and turnover of over 200 million euros. They will celebrate 50 years in 2018 and a novelty they are deploying is a new service focused on events travel. How do they sustain their growth? They build long-term partnerships with their customers – service them, learn from them, and adapt to their changing habits and demands.

Technology as the extension of passion

All 3 travel agencies share their passion for travel. But they also share a trust in technology to connect with their customers, respond to their needs, and be flexible to serve them at any place, at any time.

Today more travel agencies are using the Amadeus Selling Platform Connect than any other Amadeus front-office solution. If you want to see how you can start putting your passion to work today, visit our local page or

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