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Did you know that people subconsciously avoid the centre of stores? Insights like these only re-affirm what you already knew: it’s bloody hard to get passers-by to enter your brick-and-mortar travel agency.

And, yes, we’ve given you advice on how to design your customer experience in the past. On this short trip, however, we’d like to focus on just one of the elements: digital signage.

Why? Screens attract, engage, and convince. They’re the ultimate bridge between your online and offline marketing efforts. And, let’s be honest, they’re affordable too.

8 ways screens can help you score   

With digital signage, you can create a better customer experience in more than 1 way. In the spirit of “saved you a click”, here are the top 8 reasons to get started:

  1. Video captures attention
    Digital Signage offers the possibility to show different content, managed by playlists.
  2. Location, location, location
    Digital Signage can help create a positive image for the travel agency and make it look modern and forward thinking.
  3. Videos that make you want more
    Videos allow customers to get a better first impression of a possible vacation destination.
  4. Important information increases the impulse to buy
    Many Digital Signage solutions offer the possibility to show real-time information, like local weather, information about visas or necessary vaccinations.
  5. Implement customer feedback
    When you show your customers feedback and rating, you create transparency and build trust. Word-of-mouth as a supporting marketing tactic.
  6. Vacancies
    This real-time connects automatically displays new offers and saves on organizational efforts, time and money.
  7. Content managed centrally
    If you have more than one travel agency, Digital Signage offers you the possibility to manage all your content from one place. And it allows you the flexibility to display different content in different locations.
  8. ROI thanks to ad placement
    Digital displays also allow ads to appear next to your own content.

Travel Agency Advertisement – 8 Reasons to Implement Digital Signage


What do customers want to see?

You’re still with us, so by now you are convinced one or more screens can help you manage your travel agency. But how does it really affect consumer behaviour? 19% of those asked by Kinetic Panel said that they sought more information about a product, service or experience being advertised. This increased to 24% among a younger demographic (18 -24 year-olds).

Other insights and more, here:

What do consumers want from digital signage advertising?


Use with a clear purpose

Yes, digital signage is a way to do marketing. Yes, it improves customer experience. Yes, it can help your travel agency stand out.

But it can also be used to serve a bigger purpose. In busy places, screens can provide a sense of calm and direction to those in need. Just read this fascinating interview with an architect of airports who uses digital signage in an ingenuous way:

Airport Secrets From an Architect Who Designs Them


Your partner in technology

Digital signage is an affordable and effective way to get people into your store, help bridge the divide between on- and offline communication and have the potential to create a bond of trust between customer and travel agent.

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