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No matter your role, if you are helping travelers plan, book or enjoy their journeys – it is crucial that you stay in contact with them at all times. The best way to do that? Mobile. Join us on a data-driven short trip.

Numbers never lie.

And when you return from this short trip around the travel industry, you will know exactly how fast mobile technology is taking over the travel industry. No time to waste!

82% of travelers use their mobile device when booking air travel

Skift has published a study on the role of mobile technology throughout a typical traveler’s journey, considering 15 defined touchpoints. Key takeaway? If you’re falling behind on the mobile curve, your travel agency is at risk. Point taken. (Unfortunately, the full report is behind a paywall.)

Opportunities for the 15 Ways Travelers Use Mobile: Skift Research (EN)

Mobiles on planes? 73% of Indians say ‘yes’, 74% of Germans say ‘no’ Airplane

mode – one of our favourite ways to disconnect from the 24/7 digital world – is up for debate. A recent survey shows that Eastern passengers are pining for connectivity in the air, while European travelers are a little less enthusiastic.

Ironic factoid from that same survey: The British are the most likely to be bothered about waiting in line at the airport check-in. Hah.

Inflight connectivity: Airline passengers split over using mobile phones (EN)

24% of all European travel bookings go via mobile

In Asia, that same number rises to 48%. The prognosis is that this trend will continue to grow until only a third of all bookings occur on desktop. Especially in regions with a large growth potential, such as the seemingly conservative European travel market, taking a head-start will be rewarded.

Read all about the travel trends of 2018 – including bleisure travel – in Isabels Mosk’s insightful article:

Mobiel boeken, ‘bleisure’ en go digital: reizen anno 2018 (NL)

Go mobile & assist your travelers anywhere

The evidence is clear: if you are assisting travelers in any way, shape or form, you have to have a reliable presence on mobile. Luckily, Amadeus has the perfect solution for both Travel Managers and Travel Agents.

Amadeus Mobile Messenger for Travel Managers

Protect your travelers in crisis situations with Amadeus Mobile Messenger. It does not let you waste time in a time of need thanks to automated warnings, location tracking, and interactive maps.

Amadeus Mobile Traveler for Travel Agents

Amadeus Mobile Traveler lets you stay connected to your customers how they want – on their mobile devices, 24/7.


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