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A fine donation to a good cause with more than 100 participating colleagues.

That is what you get when two Amadeus Benelux football fans, the World Cup and some programming skills come together.

Kick-off and score

Our colleagues Lennert Kerremans and Bart Annaert were even more struck with World Cup fever than most Belgians back in May this year. In the spirit of uniting people of all backgrounds around The Beautiful Game, they came up with the wonderful idea to organize a World Cup betting contest for Amadeus employees.

Open to all of our Benelux colleagues they designed a fun betting tool and invited everyone to join in, and then took it a step further.

All participation fees would be donated to a good cause: Sport2be.

One team, one goal

Sport2be is supported by the King Baudouin Foundation and aims to make sports accessible for underprivileged children in Belgium and facilitate social and professional integration.

This beautiful mission won non-football-lovers over too: more than 100 betting entry forms were registered across our Benelux offices. Sport2be is happy to use the resulting donation to buy sports gear.

But an idea that comes straight from the heart is bound to come alive and bring more people together than you would expect.

During lunch time you could hear everyone enjoying the talks about the matches, the betting strategies and the stats. Even more so because we all felt proud and happy to be contributing to a good cause.

Our very own Red Flames

Red devils? The two winners of our World Cup contest were ladies! Valérie Meyer from our Brussels office and Magda Folbroek from our Antwerp Office were totally on fire and came out on top.

Valerie and Magda are now known as our very own Amadeus Benelux Red Flames.

Doing sports for competition, team spirit and health is one thing. You can also put it to use for a good cause. We truly hope we can inspire fellow companies to do the same in their very own way.

Bart, Valérie, Magda, Marlène, Tanguy & Lennert: the team that made it happen, the Sport2be emissaries and the 2 winners of our contest.

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