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Good morning, Anne! What is your personal mission at Amadeus?

Helping travel agents with technical issues – it sounds simple enough, but it gets complicated quickly. My 3 colleagues and I deal with functional problems that require time to investigate. That means no quick fixes. Thankfully, each of us has the expertise and follows internal training sessions. That helps us find the right solution quickly.

Overall, I know the issues travel agents struggle with quite well because I used to be one myself.

Why did you make the career switch to Amadeus?

After 15 years the stress of being a travel agent was getting to me. There was a lot of pressure to perform and the organizational culture had taken a turn for the worse. So when I saw a job opening at Amadeus, I had to make a choice. I’m still glad I made the right one, after 14 years at Amadeus Benelux.

Moving on after 15 years. That must have been hard?

The first few months? Sure, it was a challenge. But I adapted rather quickly since I already knew the system and – even though it’s very large – Amadeus’ culture is fantastic.

Another advantage is our constant evolution as a company. My professional satisfaction comes from a drive to learn new things. At Amadeus, the complexity of our systems just keeps evolving.

What do you miss most about being a travel agent?

The study trips and travel discounts. (laughs) I was always attracted to travel. Curious for other cultures and lucky to see so much of the world – that describes the 80ies for me.

Was there one place that stood out to you?

Yes, and I’ve been there three times since. Scotland is just so peaceful. You can travel miles and miles without seeing a soul. And if you do, they’re always really nice people who care about their traditions. The unique atmosphere and stunning views always give me a sense of calm, of serenity.

Simplicity is something I look for in my private life. I’m a rather quiet person, but I had trouble to disconnect from work when I walked out. I worked on that for a few years and now I’m more mindful of the small things. That helps a lot to relax.

Are there still trips on your bucket list?

Australia. I don’t really know why, but I’m attracted by the mystery and the otherworldly nature.

What is the biggest challenge facing travel agents today?

Pressure. Travelers have become more demanding and better informed. There’s so much information available, that it creates a different level of pressure. It was already difficult to deal with when I left. I can’t imagine what it must be now.

Thank you, Anne. Who should we talk to next time?

Sebastien, my colleague from Sales in Luxembourg. He’s a very open, very smart guy. He’ll love talking to you!

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Anne Ruggieri

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