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Nice to meet you, Bart! What exactly do you do at Amadeus?

Hi there! I started as a finance and administration assistant for our department in the Netherlands in December 2012. I loved that job, but after 3 years it was time for something new. Amadeus trusted me to develop my skills and offered me an entirely new position: finance analyst for the Benelux.

That means I analyze budgets and make monthly reports for different managers. I try to offer them a more consistent view on the budget to help them make informed decisions. It’s a very varied job and every day brings a new challenge.

Why did you choose Amadeus?

They caught my attention instantly because it’s a whole new world for me. I have always had an interest in IT development, and even though I’m not the biggest adventurer, it is fascinating to see it combined with tourism and the travel industry.

Not the biggest adventurer, but you do love traveling?

Yes, of course! I just don’t want to travel to the other side of the world to go on vacation. My ideal holiday consists entirely of walking in nature. I’m a member of a walking club, so every weekend my father, brother and I go for a 12 km walk. Belgium’s got a lot of amazing hiking trails, you know.

What is it that you like so much about walking?

For me, it started purely as exercise. Now it’s more like therapy. Getting out of bed early, heading to the forest, …  just nature and me. Listening to the sound of silence or various bird songs? By far the best way to clear your mind.

Are there still specific countries on your bucket list?

Recently, I went to the Black Forest (Schwarzwald) in Germany. It was an organized trip, so there was a lot of sightseeing. We did walk through the woods at night, but that was it. So, next time, I want to discover more wonderful walking trails there.

Are you a fan of organized holidays?

Actually, yes. Most of my trips are organized. I prefer a clear schedule. And with a guide, you’re sure to see all the highlights. Where to go? I’m quite flexible went it comes to destinations.

I’m not the most extroverted person, so traveling in groups is a fun way to meet new people. On my trip to the Black Forest the average age of my co-travelers was a lot higher than mine, so most of the time I was answering questions about tablet and smartphones. Quite funny, now that I think of it.

When do you go home satisfied?

When I’ve finished my work on time and, more specifically, when I know I helped out my colleagues. At Amadeus, we’re like a small ‘plus family’. It’s quite an international community and there are always plenty of good vibes.

I especially enjoy the Fun at work-activities: a few weeks ago we went to an escape room in Brussels. That really brought the team closer together.

How do you see yourself grow?

I just want to get better every day. And it’s nice to get out my comfort zone every now and then. Becoming the best version of myself – that’s my ambition.

Final question, Bart: who do you think can follow up this interview?

I would suggest Stefanie Uilenberg, Sales Person in the Netherlands. She’s been with Amadeus for 1.5 years now. I still have a good connection with the people working in Amsterdam and met her for the first time a few weeks ago.

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