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Written by Michael Bayle, Executive Vice President for Mobile

Creating a popular, award-winning app is hard work.

Our Amadeus Mobile Collective knew it had to go all in and redesigning our mobile platform. Our credo? Travelers’ needs first – while leveraging the heart of Amadeus technology.

The key? Collective devotion

The use of collective is no coincidence either. It takes a lot of people to build and maintain an outstanding travel app. And not only internally, but externally too. Today, over a dozen top travel brands have partnered with us to provide high-quality ancillary services in the CheckMyTrip-app – including activities, tours, parking, taxis & transfers.

The same goes for the technical side: Localytics, for instance, a leading mobile-first marketing & analytics platform helps us stay connected to travelers with messaging capabilities.

Started from the bottom, now we’re here

Every year we have worked tirelessly on the design, features, and capabilities of CheckMyTrip. The results? They speak for themselves:

  • Nearly 2 million active users
  • Our iOS app version has attained a 4.7-star rating
  • Our newer Android native app enjoys a healthy 4.5-star rating.

Janete Ripardo, Sales and Partnership Manager, Mobile, Amadeus

A bright, mobile future

“We’re thrilled to have won this award, but, we are only at the beginning of the road in unlocking the potential of our mobile capabilities for the travel industry,” according to Michael Bayle, Executive Vice President for Mobile.

Mobile technology is changing at lightning speed – chatbots, messengers, voice and soon AI & machine learning will change it all over once more. Thanks to continuous insights we gather from CheckMyTrip, Amadeus will be able to capitalize on these opportunities.

An integral part of the Live Travel Space

We are MOBILE, and our success is the perfect embodiment of the Amadeus Live Travel Space and its open, dynamic and connected approach. CheckMyTrip and our Amadeus Mobile B2B platform are the gateways for buyers, suppliers, and technology partners to thrive in the global travel economy.

The best travel app of 2018 on your phone?

Easy: download CheckMyTrip right here.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and tell us what you really think – what you like and dislike about the app, for instance. Or which features you would like to be added.

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  • It is just fantastic to see how hard work of a team leads to a successful app; all customers , we are incredibly motivated for such an application that facilitates the way we travel. Thank you Amadeus mobile team

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