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The most-read article of 2017? Welcome to the Hotel of the Future. 627 days ago we introduced you to floor sensors, smart mirrors and robot butlers in the hospitality industry. And we stand behind that vision today.

We are, however, noticing a need for clarity. Which trends deserve serious consideration and which ones will fizzle out without a stir? This short trip take you from one hospitable trend to the next.

How will technology change hospitality?

AI, voice, video, AR & VR, monetary innovations – we’ve covered quite a few technological trends on this blog already. But which technologies are set to break through in 2019? And which ones are likely to disappoint? Our predictions are in:

But don’t take our word for it. Catch up with a series of interesting hotel trends, tech trends and tech trends that will impact hospitality in 2019.

How do leaders see the future of hospitality?

Europe’s appetite for cutting-edge design, community-driven approaches, and contemporary food and beverage concepts is constantly evolving.

That is how Skift summarizes its rather interesting interview with Franck Gervais, CEO of AccorHotels. Why we think you should read the whole thing? These 3 thought-provoking statements, and what they mean for you and your travelers:

Does Amadeus conduct research on hospitality?

As a matter of fact, we do. And we love to share it with you too. Our colleague Alison Guillot gathered our 10 best hospitality blog articles of 2018 – providing an excellent platform for you to take a deep-dive into the hospitality industry.

Always the right answer at your disposal

Amadeus Hotels is a one-stop-shop where you can access content from chains, independent hotels, and bed banks. That means more than 2 million shopping options and over 580,000 unique locations. Real-time availability, booking tool, and instant reservation included.

  • No knowledge of any codes required
  • Wide choice of rates and payment models
  • Clear commission details
  • Multiple filter and sort options
  • Trusted reviews with pictures & maps
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