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Today, we introduce you to his successors: Jérôme Haemers, René Schukkink, Kurt Van der biesen, Thomas De Bruijn, and Ernesto Mullor.

Legal & Administration: Jérôme Haemers

Jérôme Haemers will take over the Legal & Administrative responsibilities. Jérôme adheres to the “Yes, we can”-mentality, made famous by Barack Obama. To him, and to Amadeus Benelux, teamwork is of the utmost importance.

Besides his regional responsibilities in Customer Solutions for Tour Operators, Jérôme will be also involved in local activities. He will take over the site management for the legal entity, the coordination between the different segments and local projects, such as GDPR compliance.

Finally, Jérôme stresses that he holds the well-being of the Amadeus staff most dearly. He adds: “I will work closely with our People and Culture team on our Amadeus Benelux Work Culture to ensure we remain a great place to work.”

Retail Travel & Pyton: René Schukkink

In 2015, Amadeus acquired the internet booking engine Pyton. Our former GM Luc Pannecoeck was very proud of this acquisition: “Offering the right content and the right information is the only way to stay relevant. Pyton Travel Technology is the number 1 in this respect.”

Pyton will be continue to be managed by René Schukkink.

René will also handle retail travel. He values the input from travel agents. “Undoubtedly, strong relationships and a relevant network are key in being able to understand the in-depth requirements of the market.”

Along with Kurt Van der biesen, René will become the primary contact for stakeholders, associations, and partners in the travel industry. 

Business Travel: Kurt Van der biesen

Business travel is changing at a very fast pace. The Amadeus Travel Platform is often claimed to be the answer to this challenge. From now on, Kurt Van der biesen is your contact for Business Travel-related questions, taking over Luc’s responsibility as Head of Business Travel Benelux. He comes with a bag full of sales experience.

“My role is to align with all customers on strategy and vision, anticipate on their requests, be open and transparent in our communication and assure they can be very confident in their partnership with us.”

Corporations IT: Thomas de Bruijn

Business travelers today want to be in control of their experience. They value personalized trajectories above the one-size-fits-all formula. Thomas de Bruijn, the new leader for Corporations, is the right person to handle this ever-changing development.

Over the last decade, Thomas has been building mutually beneficial relationships with large corporations in the EMEA-region and the Benelux region is part of his responsibilities.

Online segment: Ernesto Mullor

On the 30th anniversary of Amadeus, Ernesto Mullor was asked which technology from the past he despised. “Paper tickets,” he answered without hesitation.

Undoubtedly, Ernesto orients himself towards the future, looking at the evolution of the travel industry, since he’ll be handling the Online Segment of Amadeus Benelux (along with the UK and Ireland).

“Together with our online Benelux customers, we will ensure they are on the front line of the Online industry, and in some case setting the trends for the whole industry” Ernesto told us.

Questions regarding our new management?

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In a future blog post we will share some additional information.

Jerome Haemers

René Schukkink

Kurt van der biesen

Thomas de Bruijn

Ernesto Mullor

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