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However, there is no need to worry; your travel agent arranged new transportation facilities, so you will arrive on time. Welcome to Destination X.

Destination X stands for the largely untapped market of ancillary destination services.

These services can make or break your trip. Almost 93% of travelers consider ancillary destination services to be an important part of their overall travel experience. That’s the conclusion of a recent research project we did on Travel Destination X with over 1,000 customers.

Ancillary Services: much more than administration

Ancillary services include:

  • Taking care of documentation (and other administrative assistance)
  • Providing logistical support (rental cars, accommodation, …)
  • Enjoying leisure activities (dining, concerts, …)

Providing ancillary services is often overlooked in today’s market. Therefore, travel agents who do support these additional services, differentiate themselves from their competitors in a positive manner.

Provide unique recommendations

The one-size-fits-all approach does no longer satisfy your customers. 60% of those who answered our survey responded that they value recommendations, tailored to their personal preferences. You see, Destination X is something rather unique.

As a travel agent, you are able to deliver these personal recommendations, based on previous travel habits. But how would we deliver these propositions? Well, the majority of those questioned answered that they lack a central mobile point. So outstanding mobile applications will do the trick.

Feel inspired? Win travelers trust and loyalty in the post-booking ancillary game by reading our whitepaper. Also, discover our infographic and get yourself a first-class seat to Destination X.

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