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In an earlier blog post, we introduced the successors of our General Manager Luc Pannecoeck. Today, we uncover their perspectives on upcoming market changes in the travel industry.

One-size-doesn’t-fit-all in the travel industry

Earlier, we introduced Amadeus’ approach towards a more personalized travel experience: Destination X and Amadeus Live Travel Space, to name a few.

Our leaders support these initiatives. “We need more flexibility towards the newest trends and evolutions”, argues Kurt Van der biesen. “The Amadeus Live Travel Space will create an environment where we design the right solutions for the market, and this environment will be open, dynamic & connected”, Kurt continues, stressing the importance of Amadeus Live Travel Space.

Jérôme Haemers believes that the new company structure puts, more than ever, the customer first: “We have numerous challenges ahead of us. But we face them as opportunities. Our new leadership will ensure that we remain close to our customers in this fast-paced world.”

Worldwide expansion of IT infrastructure 

To deliver these tailored messages to our customers, Amadeus needs to expand its IT infrastructure. “In the short-run, Amadeus will approach consumers with personalized proposals during their trip. We are currently working to expand our IT infrastructure to meet these needs”, says Rene Schukkink.

Amadeus plays a leading role in the expansion of IT. “We have to take our responsibility! How many players can say they are active around the world? We have to remain an asset in the online ecosystem”, adds Ernesto Mullor.

“With many new players entering the market, the increasing pace of change and NDC maturing, we are only at the beginning of an exciting journey”, concludes Thomas de Bruijn.

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