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On January 2, 2015, we published our first article discussing the benefits of the sharing economy and Uber regulations.

However, some innovations that seem indispensable today, were almost non-existent when we started blogging.


Personalized trajectories

It’s hard to imagine today, but in early 2015, we had to convince travel agents to give their clients more personalized travel options.

In our 4th article, Are you getting personal?, we stressed the importance of offering your clients more customized travel options. For the first time, we wrote:

“We would all together create the rich, convenient and personal journey your customer deserves and one that will make him or her a truly satisfied traveler. And we all know happy travelers are the ones that are most likely to come back. The good news is: the technology to make this happen today is real.”

Nowadays, we are more than convinced that the personalized approach is here to stay. Our new Benelux-segment leaders are aware that the one-size-fits-all formula is outdated and personal trajectories are the way to go.


R U mobile?

Mobile usage climbed steadily since we started blogging. In Europe, the number of mobile users nearly doubled over the last 4,5 years (source: Statcounter). Today, it accounts for 43% of internet usage.

In a 2015 interview, Michael Bayle  – current Vice President of our global Mobile department – said:

“When you boil it down to the essence, mobile travel technologies’ biggest benefit is that it reduces anxiety. Anxiety used to be a constant factor for travelers: “When is my next flight? Which train do I have to take? Will I make my transfer?” Mobile apps empower the traveler not only with the information they need, when they need it but also with the freedom to comfortably make their own choices along their travel path.”

Anno 2019, mobile applications are much more anxiety-relievers. The days of changing currency are over thanks to mobile wallets, just to name one example.


What will be our next stop?

But what holds the future? Which topics, innovations, technologies will we discuss when we reach another milestone?

Earlier this year, we pondered over this question as well.

During our T3CH-event in Madrid, we discussed with industry experts – even with competitors – how we can transform the travel industry in the (near and long-term) future.

Discover the outcome of T3CH here.

Thank you for following, reading and sharing our blog posts for the last 4,5 years. Keep an eye on our social media and here’s to another 200 articles!

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