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On our Amadeus Airline Executive Summit 2019, we noticed that consumer behavior is transforming – in line with recent trends among giant online retail stores. Stores like Amazon provide a fully personalized shopping experience.

Travelers expect the same customized approach. They want real-time information about their flights.

Fortunately, with Amadeus’ recent technological developments, this information is easy to provide.

Real-time information at the tip of your fingers

According to the IATA 2018 Global Passenger Survey, 82% of travelers think it’s important to receive real-time information on the status of their flight.

This finding is in line with a 2019 report by Skift, revealing that customers expect their travel agents to provide real-time answers whenever a problem occurs before or during a trip. Travelers who immediately receive helpful real-time answers by customer support are almost 60% less likely to leave a negative review.

Amadeus Travel Alerts Notifier allows you to do that easily.

The same IATA report reveals that more and more customers prefer to receive this information via a mobile application (over SMS and e-mail). This idea confirms a mobile trend we noticed in earlier articles.

Rebooking? Easy!

You have just been informed that your customer’s flight got canceled. Your client is stressing out at the airport, uncertain about if and when he will reach his destination.

In the past, the rebooking process used to take up to 30 minutes. However, thanks to technological advancements in software and automation processes, a rebooking is nowadays completed in 3 minutes or less.

So within 3 minutes, your customer has the necessary information and documentation to continue his/her journey. He’ll surely appreciate it.

Ancillary services

You can also assist your corporate clients in traveling more smoothly, seamlessly and efficiently by offering them improved ancillary services.

As we showed in previous articles, ancillaries include lounge access, extra legroom on long flights or inflight wifi.

Thanks to a dynamic real-time catalog of services, you can always offer your customers the latest deals.

As a travel agent, delivering a seamless travel experience to business travelers is of the utmost interest. Not only are you enhancing your customer service, thanks to Amadeus’ technologies it’s easy and rewarding. 

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