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“We are really excited about the Amadeus Live Travel Space because of what it brings in terms of technology advancements. Personalization, the ancillaries, all will come easily in one single platform, but also the fact that it’s completely future-proof.” – Andrew Woodman, Lotus Group

“In a diverse content world, it’s crucial to have one single end-to-end process for booking and servicing NDC and non-NDC content. We’re excited to work alongside Amadeus and be part of the NDC [X] program to drive progress for the online travel agency community.” – John Mangelaars, CEO of Travix

The Live Travel Space is the result of our commitment to meet the changing needs of our customers and the industry. It has led us to evolve from a Global Distribution System (GDS)  by leveraging our technology, people and expertise in the travel domain to build an open, dynamic, and connected space that allows all industry players to join and collaborate with each other.

Over the last year we set our sights on exactly this task – working with industry players to be part of our journey and providing innovating technology that enables our customers to deliver better experiences to travelers around the world.

To begin with, we set up our Travel Channels business into four key segments, namely: Retail Travel Agencies, Online Travel Companies, Business Travel Agencies, and Corporations.

Our focus for each and every segment is to deliver on the needs of our customer base with more personalized solutions and a faster time to market. Within our Retail Travel Agency segment, we’ve further identified different customer segments to cater to their various needs. These sub-segments are focused on Tour Operators, Small-to-Medium Travel Agencies, Key Accounts, and Consolidators & Networks.

We’re working closely with our customers across all segments to not only use the best and most innovative technology in the industry, but also to access the most extensive travel content available.

With travel content becoming available from multiple sources  and under different business models, we’re helping travel sellers of all shapes and sizes to access all of the content in the one place. And that is the Amadeus Travel Platform – the technological backbone of the Live Travel Space.

Hand-in-hand with our agency customers, we’re identifying what new content they need and then we’re working with our travel provider customers to source this content. Then, we’re offering all of the content in the one platform. For airline content, this means sourcing via traditional technology such as EDIFACT, as well as, NDC and other APIs. Other content includes hotel, alternative lodging, rail, and ground transport.

With regards to NDC, we’re already working closely with airlines, travel sellers, and other industry players via our NDC [X] program  to ensure there are clear standards and it works for all travel players.

We’re excited to begin the deployment phase of our NDC-enabled solutions,  so our travel seller customers can access and book fares through an NDC connectivity in their familiar working environment and, importantly, side-by-side all other content in the Amadeus Travel Platform.

In addition to the technology, we’re proud of the ongoing and longstanding relationships we’ve built with our customers. Over the last year we used the opportunity to speak to our customers at various events and forums and have received extremely positive feedback about how Amadeus’ Travel Channels business and our mission of the Live Travel Space is positively affecting the way we work, the business, and ultimately the traveler.

And finally, in particular for R&D Travel Channels, we have focused on being curious and empathetic to our customers’ needs so we build technological solutions based on their challenges and real-data and then quickly deliver the right solution to each customer.

Very few industries are evolving at the same pace as the travel sector today, and we’re seeing technology dramatically reshape the distribution space. Consumers today are accustomed to an increasingly personalized experience and no matter what the future of travel distribution looks like and the new innovative technology that emerges, we must make sure we keep the traveler at the center of the conversation.

Whilst the first year of the Live Travel Space has been exciting, I’m even more excited for what’s to come in the next year. We are looking forward to sharing more Live Travel Space moments with our customers and partners around the world as we exist, collaborate, exchange, learn and grow together.

For more information on the Live Travel Space, check our dedicated Insights section for all the latest stories with our customers.

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