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A recent research paper by our partner indicated that cutting costs and maintaining an overview of the business travel budget remains the top priority of travel managers.

At Amadeus, we understand this necessity. Therefore, we published a crisp, brand-new guide on current spending habits.

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Global trends with local tendencies

As we wrote in earlier articles, business travelers are depending more and more on mobile applications.

Worldwide, travelers are waving cash payments goodbye.

However, there are still some major differences in-between countries.

Even though travelers from Belgium and The Netherlands are spending more or less the same on e-commerce related to airlines and hotels (€1578 on average for Belgians and €1609 for Dutch travelers), their preferred mode of payment differs remarkably:

  • Cash money. Cash payments still account for 5% in Belgium while they disappeared entirely in The Netherlands;
  • Bank transfers. Only 11% of Belgian travelers use bank transfers whereas this number blows up to 70% in The Netherlands;
  • E-wallet. Belgians (19%), however, put more trust in e-wallets than their Dutch neighbors (5%).

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So far, we barely scraped the barrel of our unique research findings. Find out more in our report.

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In a hurry? Our colleague Jeremey Dyball (Head of Commercial, Amadeus Travel Payments), made an 18-minute long webinar on our findings.

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