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Business travelers are open to travel more sustainably. And as an avid reader of our blog, you were already aware of this trend since we focused on this topic in earlier articles.

You, as a travel manager, can make a huge difference in making (business) travel more sustainable:

  • Hop on the green train
  • Support green airlines
  • Book green hotel accommodation

Hop on the green train 

Not every destination can be reached by train due to distance and/or time constraints. But there surely are cases in which your customer’s short-haul flight can be replaced by high-speed train connections.

Some typical business destinations are easier to access by train – traveling either from Belgium or The Netherlands:

  • London
  • Paris
  • Frankfurt
  • Dusseldorf

Traveling by train is more eco-friendly than other modes of transport. According to a report by Alstom, regional and high-speed trains emit around 35g of CO2 per passenger, which is considerably less than buses (100g), cars (160g) and airplanes (170g).

Support airlines with green initiatives  

Even when air travel is unavoidable (for example while traveling overseas), you can make an effort for our planet, by selecting airlines that consider the environment.

How can you recognize them? Well, some ‘green airlines’ are ranked on the Atmosfair Index or the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI).

Fortunately, many airlines are already jumping on the sustainable bandwagon and implement long-term sustainable policies and initiatives. Some examples:

  • Plastic-free flights: In 2019, California was the first state to ban plastic straws. This trend was soon followed by a range of airlines – opting for (nearly) plastic-free flights. More and more airlines, like British Airways and Lufthansa, are actively replacing or looking to replace single-use plastics (such as straw and stirring sticks) with eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Fleet rejuvenation: a growing number of carriers such as KLM, Singapore Airlines and Etihad Airways introduce state-of-the-art aircraft like the B787 or A350 in their fleet, which are more environmentally friendly: lower fuel consumption (thus less CO2 emission) and less noise pollution are the most obvious benefits.
  • CO2 neutral flights: Air France, highly ranked in both the DJSI and Atmosfair Index, made a bold promise to offset 100% of CO2 emissions on its domestic flights as of 1 January 2020.
  • Bio-Kerosine: KLM invests in building the first European industrial plant to produce bio-kerosine, which will be operational as from 2022, reducing the airline’s CO2 emissions by a whopping 200,000 tonnes a year.

One green room, please! 

As we pointed out in an earlier article, your business travelers enjoy spending time in alternative accommodation. These alternative options are a more sustainable option.

Often, you’re able to recognize these types of accommodations by their Green Key award.

However, this doesn’t mean that large chain hotels aren’t making an effort to join the sustainable ‘green wave’.

  • Plastic ban: In 2018, Hilton was the first chain to ban plastic straws and single-use plastic bottles.
  • Eco-design: Novotel offers eco-designed beds made from wood, sourced from sustainably-managed forests while using eco-certified soap and cleaning products.

Sustainability: not an empty term at Amadeus

At Amadeus, we welcome these green initiatives and are working to run our data centers on 100% renewable energy by 2025 – to name just one example.

Also, we organized the #AmadeusVolunteerWeek. During this event, our global staff volunteered to pick up litter in their respective cities. This year, it was a global success with more than 6,000 participants and – of course – Amadeus Benelux participated.

Green is our new Blue!

You can read more about our initiatives here.

Or you can watch this video in which our colleague Alex Luzarraga, Head of global strategy, shares Amadeus’ vision on sustainable travel.


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