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First things first:

The 3 most popular articles of 2019

2019 was an important year for us: our local GM Luc Pannecoeck retired and we launched several new products – including Amadeus Value Hotels. But which blog article was most-liked by our dearest readers?

In third place: our interview with Jesús Medina Molina

Remembered for hosting multiple chess events throughout the Netherlands and his ‘half glass full’ mentality as Global Account Manager. Jesús was our 2nd most popular interviewee of 2019.

New management reveal

After leading the local Amadeus team for +25 years, our GM Luc Pannecoeck retired, with 5 Amadeus senior managers taking over his position. And you were more than eager in getting to know them better.

And the winner is… Amadeus Value Hotels

Aurélien Dardo Chesnais – Hotel Sales Manager of Global Business Travel – explained  our latest product: Amadeus Value Hotels. It is indeed interesting to read how you can make a 5 – 20% profit as a travel agency.


Our 3 favorite articles of 2019

You, our reader, have decided the top 3. But there are a few honorable mentions for posts that we feel we’re just a tiny bit underappreciated. And we’ll explain why:

  • Amadeus Learning Universe
    In 2019, we (re)launched several products, including Amadeus Learning Universe in our Amadeus Service Hub. Everyone – from veteran travel agents to new-in-the-industry starters – can benefit from ALU.
  • The sustainable travel agent
    Sustainability is not just an empty term at Amadeus, and that’s why we were again mentioned in the DJSI. In this blog post, we show you ways to boost sustainable travel.
  • The benefits of a successful customer service network
    Contacting a customer service department can be a hassle. That’s why we developed a smooth customer experience. Find out here! ☝️


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