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Documenting travel is almost as old as leisure- and business traveling itself. In the late 18th and 19th century, the travel novel was probably the most popular genre. Think about Alexis de Tocqueville’s 900-page (!) travel guide to the United States.

With the invention of photography, travel photography was soon discovered as well. Recently, Sotheby’s auctioned an original print depicting the Notre-Dame of Paris, dating back to the 1840s. That print was taken only a year or so after photography was invented.

Nowadays taking pictures is but one click of your smartphone away. And business travel is benefiting from it as well.

On LinkedIn, #BusinessTravel is followed by nearly 6.9 million people. And the hashtag has been used some 650,000 times on Instagram as well. #Travel is even approaching the 500-million-mark on the Gram!

But how can you, as a travel agency, stand out on Instagram? In this deep-dive, we’ll look at two specific ways:

  • Find your niche
  • Instagram takeovers


Did you find your niche already?

Unfortunately, popular hashtags like #BusinessTravel or #Travel are oversaturated or claimed by the @NationalGeographics of this world.

However, this does not mean that opportunities are scarce; quite the opposite. It means that you’ll have to find your niche.

Social Media Marketer and influencer Gary Vaynerchuk adds:

“Social has created a world in which the niche is rising to the top. With Facebook’s targeting capabilities, apps like Vine creating stars every day and Instagram’s hashtag culture, the more niche, the more engaged audience you will have.”

And it is quite easy to find your niche as a (business) travel agency:

  • Pick a specific region: – to name just one example – is your go-to channel for content related to the land of fire and ice.
  • Business segment-specific: @johnnyfdk shows the ins-and-outs of digital nomadism.
  • Sustainable travel: As an avid reader of our blog, you might have noticed that we care about sustainability. Eco-conscious travel agencies like Joker Reizen, Anders Reizen and Wereldwijs Reizen highlight this green focus by using the hashtag #duurzaamreizen.
  • Luxury Travel: In case your travel agency specializes in premium travel, you could use the hashtag #luxurytravel. One of the agencies doing this already, Pegase, even launched its own hashtag: #PegaseTravel. In just 1,5 year time, it was used by 1250 enthusiastic clients.
  • There are plenty more opportunities: #divingholidays, #adultsonlyvacation, #flyanddrive,… You name it!

So what’s your niche?


Let them take over your Instagram!

You’ve found your niche. But how to upload content on your platform? First off, you have to make your own pictures – based on your specific identity.

Already doing that? Great 👍

Furthermore, you can organize Instagram takeovers.


Yes. You literally let another Instagram-user (an influencer, someone from your Instagram-community, …) create content for your account.

And as a travel agency, it is so easy to make user-generated content. Let one of the thousands of travel bloggers, digital nomads or travelgrammers make great photos while they are at a specific destination. Give them some pointers, discuss a fee – and voilà that’s it!

But why would you let someone take over your account? Well, takeovers are a great way to reach a new audience. Let’s hear it from Gary Vaynerchuk again:

“Takeovers are a backdoor approach to accessing new demographics. It’s easy because you can siphon off of an audience that another account has already built.”


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